This more of my writing that was graded.

Jocelyn R.
Best Time Of Day
Some people think doing homework is a demanding task because it can be hard to do. So i think the best time of day to do homework is in the afternoon right after school. The reason why is the lesson you learned about are still fresh in your head, you can ask a friend for help, or so your parents don’t yell at you.
The reason after school because the lesson is still fresh in your head and it can be easier to do it. Next you can think about what you did in the morning so it can help you understand more of it. Also you can look in the book that you took notes in so that you have that to help you. And if you don’t take notes then that is bad because then you won’t have anything to help you. Finally if you do it in the morning, you are trying to get it done as fast as possible so that means that you are going to fail on the test.

Next is to ask a friend for help is because they know what we are learning and because your mom and dad are helping somebody else or they don’t know what you are learning. Also, you guys can help each other as a group so that you understand what you are learning about. Finally, so that you can get it done so that you are not waiting for your mom to help you.

Finally, so that your mom and dad don’t yell at you because you don’t have it done on time. Next so that you don’t get in trouble my anybody like getting your ipod taken away from you for a month. Finally, or so that you don’t get yourself in trouble by not doing your homework or get in on your team sheet.

I think that it is better do it after school for those reasons. Do don’t want to get it on your team sheet or get your ipod taken away. Make sure you do all your work. And always ask for help when you need it. That is why I think that after school it the best time of day to do your homework.

Jocelyn R.


Enslaved People in the United States

There was a period of time in the history of the United States when slavery was legal. As hard as it is to believe, until the end of the Civil War in the 1860s, it was legal in southern states to enslave black African Americans and force them to work on southern plantations. These people endured harsh treatment, inhuman living conditions, and endless amounts of grueling labor for the benefit of the plantation owner and his family.

Enslaved people endured housing conditions that just barely met basic human needs. They had terrible conditions in the cabin, a small one-roomed cabin provided shelter for a dozen or more people. The cabin had dirt floors that was covered with hay or straw. You think that that was bad, well, they had roofs that would leak. The enslaved people had no blankets in the cabin. When they would go to sleep they had bugs crawl around on them and bite them. Enslaved people had no privacy at all. They would hang up cloth for privacy. The cabins themselves had fake windows. The only source of heating was a fire in the middle of the room. They would wake up and they might have mud all over them. Can you imagine having mud all over you and not being able to take a hot shower in peace? As horrible as the living conditions were, they were the least of the hardships slaves had to endure.

Enslaved people endured living conditions that barely met their needs. If they at any point would try to leave they would have a harsh punishment. Like working more time in the field or getting whipped. They would have the top of the foot cut off if they tried to escape a whipping. Back then they had no rights or freedom. Enslaved people had no rights to say how to run their own lives. If the owner wanted to sell them they would be sold. They might be separated from their families. They could be sold like property to another person if they were too old. They were not treated fairly. They could go to jail just for upsetting their owner. Children could be taken from their parents. Did you know that kids were not permitted to go to school at all? So that means they didn’t know how to read or write at all. When it was time to go to bed they would wonder if they were going to be seen another day, sold, or taken away from loved ones. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the work that they had to do was brutal.

Domestic workers were slaves who worked in the main house. They had to work hard like the field workers did but in the house. They had to serve their master which was their owner and his family. The work was not as physically demanding but they still had hard work, day and night. They were dressed neater than the field workers were. They did tend to be treated better than the field workers, too.

Field workers worked very hard, as working horses do in a field. They would start their day by getting up before the sun comes up. They weren’t done with work until after dark. They had hard physical labor. Children seven or eight worked in the field with their mom and dad. They had to plant and harvest crops like cotton, tobacco, and sugar cane by hand. Field workers had to work even if the weather was hot or cold.

Prior to the Civil War in the 1860’s, it was legal to own large farms that were called plantations. The slaves worked the fields and also tended to the main house on these farms. These slaves were captured against their will, and put to work in cruel and terrible conditions. If the slaves refused, they suffered inhuman punishments. From whippings to having the front of their feet cut off to prevent them from running away, also called hobbling.

Jocelyn R.


Favorite Place

Have you ever imagine standing in a body of cool water well my favorite place to go is my grandparents pool. I like to go to my grandparents house because I get to hang out with my friends, eat snacks, swimming, and i get to see my family too. And it is located in my grandparents backyard. They might not me rich but they do know how to save money.

I like hanging out with my friends when i am at the pool. We can talk about clothes or boys we like. We also talk about our nails which is fun because we paint our nails by the pool. I like to sit at the end of the pool in the sun with my feet in the water and get a tan. Or we play pool games which are very fun.

Also i like my grandma’s snacks that she makes for us for us to eat. We eat a lot of the chips she brings down. Or she will bring down cookies or cupcakes. Sometimes she will bring down drinks too like soda or water. For dinner we have chicken and brown butter noodles. But after we eat we have to wait a little before we can go back in the pool.

I love to go swimming there too because they have a driving board and water balloons and all kinds of things. We also play games like who can swim to the other side the quickest. Or sometimes my brothers act like they are dogs and i have to safe they or they will die. But sometimes i just go underwater and block everyone out, and i swim around on the deep blue bottom. But sometimes I play in the backyard then jump right in the cold blue pool.

Sometimes we have parties and i get to see my family. My cousins and I play in the pool while the food cooks. We play games like dumping buckets of water on my mom when she is in the pool. Or we chase each other around in the pool so it is like tag but it is the pool. Or we play in the green soft grass behind my grandma’s house. There are a lot trees, sometimes we play in them but not all the time because of snacks.