These are the pieces I had to write in Writing Class

Jocelyn R


Horse Back riding

I have been doing horse back ridding for about 2 years.I have so much fun doing it.My trainer says that i am a natural because on my first day i walked by myself and i slide off Ranger’s butt.I like doing it because I can go to shows,ride horses,go on trail rides,and i get to get a way from my brothers.But i haven’t been going because my brothers have football, soccer to do and my mom has a lot of things to do.

I was going to do soccer but my younger brother does soccer and i do not want to do something that brother does so i pick horseback riding.When I go up to the barn I get scared because I don’t know what is going to happen to me when i am up there.All I do is put the saddle on Lexy and i pester my trainer to go and ride her, i ride and I walk her down to the arena to practices,go on trail rides,learn new things,and get better at it.For my one listen I did barrel racing but instead of galloping i trotted around the barrel.I flew around the barrels like a bird.

For another listen i went on a trail ride with my trainer around the barn.When I came back I starting to ride again then when my trainer help somebody with there listen.I walk

around the arena then I started to trot around the arena.Then i saw the jumping things down on the ground so what i did was i started to jump them.Then i went home and i did homework which was to write why i wanted to ride horse